[vdr] VDSB revisited (was: Re: Tuning USB)

Jouni Karvo Jouni.Karvo at iki.fi
Thu Feb 4 20:00:03 CET 2010

I have a similar problem - for some reason VDSB without a real explanation.

Markus Fritsche kirjoitti:
> Hello All,
> The issue was not related to USB whatsoever - my channels.conf was the issue.
> I created it with "scan" from the dvb-utils package. Turns out that
> "scan -o vdr" outputs the channel frequency in kHz, where vdr expects
> it in Hz. Obviously, the vdr still tunes but the recording part is
> baffled.
> Refer also too: http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=88654
This is weird.  dvbdevice.c has the function FrequencyToHz that is used
for DVB-T and DVB-C.
That should make the conversion automatically.


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