[vdr] recording wildcards, recording priorities

Markus Fritsche fritsche.markus at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 7 00:10:31 CET 2010

Hmm 2nd thought - looking at the options - all there, but not documented? ;-)

2010/2/7 Markus Fritsche <fritsche.markus at googlemail.com>:
> Hello,
> I have a vdr installed on my home server box with a dvb-t usb adaptor.
> As I progress, I wonder, if there's a possibility to give wildcard
> recordings (i. .e "How I met*") and priorities... so, for instance, I
> want to record a series "How I met I mother" with priority 99 - so
> just whenever my device isn't busy otherwise. Normal recordings should
> be at priority "50" so preceed series recordings...
> I am using vdradmin-am on ubuntu (version 3.6.4-1) and I did not find
> any inforation on this while googleing - is this already implemented
> in later packages?
> Best regards,
>           Markus
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