[vdr] vdr-1.7.12 & folders.conf

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Sun Feb 7 12:02:47 CET 2010

On 06.02.2010 17:13, Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Feb 2010, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 06.02.2010 12:27, Halim Sahin wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Just my opinion about the problem:
>>> The fat filesystem has many limitations and I vote for dropping special
>>> support for it in VDR because if someone wants to use a windows system,
>>> he/she can use ntfs which works fine in current distributions (ntfs-3g).
>>> Just my 2 Cents.
>> I would do that in a heartbeat - but I guess that would cause
>> a huge flame war... ;-)
> Without VFAT-option I encountered huge problems with my Samba shares and
> FAT32 formatted USB sticks, so I'm against dropping this feature. :)
> Anyway back to real problem, my original idea was to add an extra "/"
> cMenuFolderItem object into NestedItemList in cMenuFolder constructors,
> or you could always easily assign a new key short cut to reset the
> folder (i.e. k0).

'0' is already used to switch the day between "one time" and "repeated".

To be honest, I didn't even think of removing the folder being such
an "every day" operation. I thaught you would normally have a list of
folders, and when you define a timer, it first goes into the video
directory without a folder. Then when you decide to put it into a
folder, you select one and that's it. If you really want to go
back to the plain video directory, you can always delete the folder
part from the file name. But that's something that would normally
happen only very rarely, I guess.


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