[vdr] feature request easy diseqc setup and channelscan for vdr

André Weidemann Andre.Weidemann at web.de
Mon Feb 8 07:43:36 CET 2010


On 06.02.2010 16:05, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> On 06.02.2010 13:55, Halim Sahin wrote:
>> I'd suggest to add a (plugin or settingsmenü) for vdr which alows easy
>> configuration of the diseqc stuff without touching diseqc.conf.
>> Doing this by implementing a plugin is ok for me but it should be
>> shipped with vdr because I think it's a core feature of a video disk recorder!
> I suggest somebody writes a plugin that does this.

In September last year I started a little patch for VDR 1.6.0 with the 
intention to add OneCable support to VDR. Due to lack of time I did not 
continue the project.
If someone is interested in the code, they can take a look at it here: 
I am not a skilled programmer, so I'm sure this code has some flaws. The 
setup option for OneCable is there, but there is no code behind it, yet. 
The other DiSecQ setup options should work.


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