[vdr] Linux in the living room

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Tue Feb 23 19:45:27 CET 2010

En/na Lucian Muresan ha escrit:

>> is required to provide (I'm struggling with LG to get the sources
>> corresponding to what's actually running on my TV, so if that's an
>> important decision factor I'd avoid LG).
> Any reaction at all, from LG?

At first they were quick to answer and to provide the sources, but when 
I found out that I couldn't regenerate the same kernel that's running on 
the tv, that they didn't provide any "official" means to upload the 
hacked firmware (unofficially I know how to to it, but that's not the 
point) and that they don't provide the binary object of the main program 
  (it's statically linked to uClibc, so to be compliant with the LGPL 
they have to provide that object) they stopped replying to my messages 
(that were also CCed to the gpl violations mailing list).
I've been waiting for more than a month for the reply that still hasn't 


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