[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] S2API wrapper + hard link cutter for VDR-1.7.13-15

Helmut Auer vdr at helmutauer.de
Sun Jun 6 22:17:54 CEST 2010

Hi Udo
> Once again, I'm a bit late with updating my patches. However, here are
> the new ones:
> DVB/S2API wrapper patch, to run VDR-1.7 under DVB API V3:
> New version of the patch for VDR-1.7.13 - VDR-1.7.15
> http://www.udo-richter.de/vdr/patches.en.html#dvb-api-wrapper
> Hard Link Cutter patch, for fast editing of recordings:
> New version for VDR-1.7.14 - VDR-1.7.15
> http://www.udo-richter.de/vdr/patches.en.html#hlcutter
Thanks for the patches !

Just one question:
What is the reason for the DVB/S2API wrapper patch ?
Why are you using the old DVB drivers ?
Helmut Auer, helmut at helmutauer.de

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