[vdr] Live TV problem with 1.7.15

Dave P vdr at pickles.me.uk
Tue Jun 8 22:24:40 CEST 2010

(I'll start a new thread as my problem may not be the same as the one 
posted earlier).

VDR 1.7.15 will not record or show live TV from my DVB-T card - 1.7.14 was 
fine. On startup I see this message in the log:

Jun  8 16:24:14 vdr: [18819] frontend 0/0 provides DVB-T with unknown 
modulations ("DST DVB-T")

The problem seems to be in the new code in dvbdevice.c. My card returns 
frontendInfo.caps = 0xb0201, ie the FE_CAN_QAM_AUTO bit is set but not any 
of the individual QAM bits. Hence the logic in 
cDvbDevice::ProvidesTransponder() incorrectly decides that the card cannot 
receive any channel.

The simple patch (attached) fixes the problem but I'm not sure that it 
doesn't break something else.

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