[vdr] [Test] Release candidate streamdev-0.5.0-rc1

Frank Schmirler vdr at schmirler.de
Fri Jun 18 23:43:03 CEST 2010

Hi there,

I'm about to prepare streamdev releases 0.4.0 (final release for VDR-1.4) and
0.5.0 (for VDR-1.6/1.7). The 0.5.0 release will contain two larger changes
which have not been commited to the main CVS branch yet. Maybe some of you
want to review and comment on these. Get the tarball at

@all: Please see chapter "Updating" in the README file which is part of the
streamdev source distribution. The new version won't run out of the box. You
will have to rename the config directory first! Those using externremux.sh
will also have to modify their script.

@package maintainers: Upon request I split up the language resources for
streamdev-client and streamdev-server. Instead of one vdr-streamdev.mo you
will now get a vdr-streamdev-server.mo and a vdr-streamdev-client.mo.
Consistently the plugin configuration directory changed from streamdev to
streamdev-server (there are no configuration files for streamdev-client yet).
To build only one plugin, use "make client" or "make server" respectively.

@externremux users: The remux script is now responsible for emitting HTTP
headers. Make sure you update your script! In turn the script gets a CGI like
environment which gives you access to request headers, context information and
details on the channel. A new sample externremux.sh is included which makes
heavy use of request parameters. To reflect these changes, the HTTP URL path
for externremux changed from EXTERN to EXT.


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