[vdr] [Test] Release candidate streamdev-0.5.0-rc1

Goga777 goga777 at bk.ru
Sat Jun 19 13:17:14 CEST 2010

Приветствую, Frank

will streamdev continue to support the streaming for xbmc ?

> Hi there,
> I'm about to prepare streamdev releases 0.4.0 (final release for VDR-1.4) and
> 0.5.0 (for VDR-1.6/1.7). The 0.5.0 release will contain two larger changes
> which have not been commited to the main CVS branch yet. Maybe some of you
> want to review and comment on these. Get the tarball at
> http://streamdev.vdr-developer.org.
> @all: Please see chapter "Updating" in the README file which is part of the
> streamdev source distribution. The new version won't run out of the box. You
> will have to rename the config directory first! Those using externremux.sh
> will also have to modify their script.
> @package maintainers: Upon request I split up the language resources for
> streamdev-client and streamdev-server. Instead of one vdr-streamdev.mo you
> will now get a vdr-streamdev-server.mo and a vdr-streamdev-client.mo.
> Consistently the plugin configuration directory changed from streamdev to
> streamdev-server (there are no configuration files for streamdev-client yet).
> To build only one plugin, use "make client" or "make server" respectively.
> @externremux users: The remux script is now responsible for emitting HTTP
> headers. Make sure you update your script! In turn the script gets a CGI like
> environment which gives you access to request headers, context information and
> details on the channel. A new sample externremux.sh is included which makes
> heavy use of request parameters. To reflect these changes, the HTTP URL path

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