[vdr] problem replaying radio recordings in xineliboutput and vdr-1.7.15

Halim Sahin halim.sahin at t-online.de
Sat Jun 19 20:53:55 CEST 2010

Can someone please help?
Vdr-1.7.15, xineliboutput from git and xinelib-1.2 from hg.

When I try to replay a radiorecording i get the folowing in the tty
running sxfe:

xv_set_property: property=1, value=4
[4260] [demux_vdr] PMT changed
[4260] [input_vdr] wait_stream_sync: discard_index 3929200 != curpos
3927320 ! (
diff 1880)
[4260] [demux_vdr] PMT changed
[4260] [input_vdr] wait_stream_sync: discard_index 5654100 != curpos
5277912 ! (
diff 376188)
[4260] [demux_vdr] PMT changed

I get No audio.
When I replay same recording through xineliboutput's own mediaplayer it
plays fine.

Any ideas?

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