[vdr] Feature request: program guide scroll

István Füley aironet at tigercomp.ro
Mon Jun 21 12:47:47 CEST 2010

I'd tried your patch last night, but unfortunamtely ... I haven't seen 
any changes.
My vdr 1.7.10 is patched with liemikuutio patch, and your patch applied
with some 20 line offsets, but it said, that all the hunks succeded.
I will try with a plain vdr this evening.


Udo Richter wrote:
> Am 17.06.2010 19:29, schrieb Udo Richter:
>> Am 17.06.2010 17:31, schrieb martinez:
>>> Can any kind person write this patch? 
>> I'll see if I can come up with something on the weekend.
> As always, the more close you look on it, the more complicated it gets.
> In other words, it got a little more than 12 lines... ;)
> The cMenuEvent can now switch through the list of events of the parent
> menu with the green and yellow buttons. Depending on the parent menu,
> the buttons either show channel names or event starting times. From
> timer menu (blue button), the green and yellow buttons stay empty.
> To gain access to the list of events, I've added an abstract
> cEventSequence class that is implemented by cMenuWhatsOn and
> cMenuSchedule. That way these two and the cMenuScheduleItem can continue
> to be private to menu.c.
> Since now the cMenuEvent can handle different events, a convenient
> shortcut had to be removed: Previously, the red and blue buttons were
> handled by the parent menu, not cMenuEvent itself. cMenuEvent now does
> this on its own. Also the constructor parameters CanSwitch and Buttons
> were dropped and replaced by dynamic code. By this change, the event
> info on blue key in timers menu gains the red and blue button for free.
> cMenuEvent had its ProcessKey re-arranged, as the original version could
> not handle sub-menus. (the parent menu did.)
> Timer menu got a bug fix to handle sub-sub-menus without overwriting the
> button bar.
> The attached patch is against vdr-1.6, but also cleanly applies and
> compiles on vdr-1.7.15.
> A little testing help and feedback is welcome. Check that the green and
> yellow buttons work in program, whats now, whats next and timer info
> menu, and keep an eye on button bar text in the event menu and the
> parent menu after exiting. Also, the t and T markers on events should
> change, and in the timer menu the '>' for active timers, if you change
> that. Try adding timers from the event menu for running and future
> events. Try whether the blue key switches to the right channel. And try
> whatever else you can imagine.
> Cheers,
> Udo
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