[vdr] Feature-Request: MarginStart in INFO file of recording

Jochen Dolze vdr at dolze.de
Sat Nov 6 20:19:08 CET 2010

/On Thu Nov  4 16:14:01 CET 2010/, Rene Bartsch>ml at bartschnet.de>
  wrote:  <mailto:vdr%40linuxtv.org?Subject=Re%3A%20%5Bvdr%5D%20Feature-Request%3A%20MarginStart%20in%20INFO%20file%20of%20recording&In-Reply-To=%3C17d62c975e67e8c1dbacfd15ab80f9d0%40bartschnet.de%3E>

>  Better NOT. NOAD worked relatively well, but markad messes up cutmarks.
>  There are
>  channels with over 50 cutmarks in one recording. I really don't want to
>  remind how much
>  time it has cost to remove so much wrong cutmarks from ONE 90-minute
>  recording.

I never had 50 cutmarks in one recording. Always use the latest git-Version!
Feel free to report bugs onhttp://vdr-portal.de



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