[vdr] Unwatchable channels (vdr-xine, dxr3, vlc, mplayer)

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Wed Oct 6 09:05:01 CEST 2010

which DVB card and which driver version do you use? I also had those problems with an old skystar 2. Nr of pid filters was too low and datarate of the stream was to high to transport it completely I was told.

Later I bought a TT s2-3200 and problems were gone on these transponder but there were new transponders in dvb-s2 on Thor 1°W SR 30000 8psk which showed the same problem which noone was able to fix. By chance several month later Andreas Regel increased the size of the ringbuffer for my card and problems are gone with s2-liplianin driver.

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> Betreff: Re: [vdr] Unwatchable channels (vdr-xine, dxr3, vlc, mplayer)
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> Olivetti ha escrit:
> >> Does this happen with 1.7.15 too? I'm still at
> 1.7.15 -- didn't
> >> find time to update yet.
> > 
> > Yes, I just tried 1.7.16 to see if if was
> automagically solved.
> > I also tried with vdr-1.7.9 (a random version I used
> since I had the
> > tarball around) and it does the same.
> I tried vdr 1.6.0 and it does the same *but* setting the
> video pid and/or the audio pids to 0 doesn't seem to fix
> it.
> Bye
> -- Luca
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