[vdr] vdr-1.7.15 problem with live TV [1.7.11 or older OK] [PROGRESS :) ]

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Sun Sep 5 21:59:47 CEST 2010

> Looks like there are TS packets in your stream that are marked as
> "scrambled", but not unscrambled by the CAM.
> Do you have any CAM in your system at all?

Yes.  System has 2x TT-1501-C cards and Alphacrypt CAMS

> Are the channels where this happens scrambled?

> Do these channels have separate VPID and PPID?
channels.conf looks like:
ONE;T:578000:C0M64:C:6900:1305+1205=2:1405=eng at 4:579:606:1005:182:10:0
TV2;T:578000:C0M64:C:6900:1306+1206=2:1406=eng at 4:580:606:1006:182:10:0

> Does the problem go away if, instead of the above change, you
> comment out the line
>   (Channel->Ppid() == Channel->Vpid() || AddPid(Channel->Ppid())) &&
> in cReceiver::AddPids()?

I can't find that in cReceiver::AddPids()

Do you mean in "bool cReceiver::SetPids(const cChannel *Channel)":
bool cReceiver::SetPids(const cChannel *Channel)
  numPids = 0;
  if (Channel) {
     channelID = Channel->GetChannelID();
     return AddPid(Channel->Vpid()) &&
//            (Channel->Ppid() == Channel->Vpid() || 
AddPid(Channel->Ppid())) &&


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