[vdr] Arabic language EPG is inappropriately displayed

Mr. Tux tuxoholic at hotmail.de
Sat Sep 11 10:45:59 CEST 2010

This will only build vdr, no plugins, no installation into the system
It will just give you the idea if the patch still works

This is basically my setup if I test new vdr stuff (patches, upgrades, etc)

sudo aptitude install libfribidi-dev
sudo apt-get build-dep vdr

mkdir -v /usr/local/src/vdr
cd /usr/local/src/vdr

wget ftp://ftp.tvdr.de/vdr/Developer/vdr-1.7.15.tar.bz2
tar -xvjf vdr-1.7.15.tar.bz2

wget ftp://ftp.tvdr.de/vdr/Developer/vdr-1.7.0-bidi.diff.gz
gunzip -d vdr-1.7.0-bidi.diff.gz
sed 's/vdr-1.7.0.alrawab/vdr-1.7.15/g;s/vdr-1.7.0/vdr-1.7.15/g' \
<vdr-1.7.0-bidi.diff >vdr-1.7.15-bidi.patch
patch -b -p 0 -i vdr-1.7.15-bidi.patch

cd vdr-1.7.15/

make plugins

mkdir -pv $HOME/vdr-1.7.15/videos

cp -vai *.conf $HOME/vdr-1.7.15/
cp -vai runvdr.template $HOME/vdr-1.7.15/runvdr

## adjust runvdr:

nano $HOME/vdr-1.7.15/runvdr

export VDR_LANG="$LANG"


VDROPTIONS="-w 60 --port=2001 --log=3 \
--localedir=/usr/local/src/vdr/vdr-1.7.15/locale/ \
--video=$HOME/vdr-1.7.15/videos --config=$HOME/vdr-1.7.15/ \

# have a look @ syslog on a second terminal:
tail -fn100 /var/log/syslog | grep vdr

# now run vdr using the runvdr start script:
sudo sh $HOME/vdr-1.7.15/runvdr

#Replace CHANNEL with the channel you like to see
# LSTE does list EPG data of that channel

/usr/local/src/vdr/vdr-1.7.15/svdrpsend.pl -p 2001 -d localhost LSTE CHANNEL \
| grep '215-' | cut -d - -f2- | sed -s '/^e/d;/^c/d'

# stop vdr with "killall vdr" on another terminal

The patch applies/builds fine after the path adjustment, don't know if it does 
what it's supposed to without arrabic channels to test...

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