[vdr] vdr] Arabic language EPG is inappropriately displayed

Mr. Tux tuxoholic at hotmail.de
Sun Sep 12 17:49:58 CEST 2010

Each of those packages carry the {u} marker, so they should be replaced by 
other packages, and are no longer in use.

Please do yourself a favour and backup important data anyway before you setup
a build environment.

I made some adjustments to the runvdr script:

export VDR_LANG="$LANG"
export LC_ALL="$VDR_LANG"


# For other options see manpage vdr.1
VDROPTIONS="-w 60 --port=2001 --log=3 \
--config=$HOME/vdr-1.7.15/ \
--video=$HOME/vdr-1.7.15/videos \
--localedir=/usr/local/src/vdr/vdr-1.7.15/locale/ \

VDRPLUGINS="-P xineliboutput"
# You will need to select your output device plugin if you want
# to use VDR to watch video. For instance, for a "Full Featured"
# DVB card that would be
# VDRPLUGINS="-P dvbsddevice"


while (true); do
      eval "$VDRCMD"
      if test $? -eq 0 -o $? -eq 2; then exit; fi

It makes no sense to load/unload dvb drivers right now, so let's leave those 
code passages aside, you can run it without sudo then.

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