[vdr] [PATCH] Add support for shared frondends cards

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Tue Sep 21 17:06:03 CEST 2010

The attached patch (for VDR 1.7.16) implements support for multituner cards where only one tuner can be active at one time, the so called shared frontend cards (notably the HVR-4000 and its derivatives).
Currently VDR tries to open all the frontends on startup, with the result that the first frontend (usually DVB-S) works, but the second (usually DVB-T) fails with "Device or resource busy" error. The patch adds a new configuration option to setup.conf, called "OnDemand"; it defaults to 0 (exactly the current behaviour). If set to 1, tuners will be appropriately opened and closed when switching channels. I've tested it with the vnsi plugin and XBMC.
I'd be happy if someone could review it and tell me if there is anything to correct and if it is possible to mainline it.
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