[vdr] [PATCH] Add support for shared frondends cards

Ian Bates ian_and_joanna at talktalk.net
Wed Sep 22 22:41:01 CEST 2010

On 21 Sep 2010, at 16:06, support.intranet wrote:

> The attached patch (for VDR 1.7.16) implements support for multituner cards where only one tuner can be active at one time, the so called shared frontend cards (notably the HVR-4000 and its derivatives).
> Currently VDR tries to open all the frontends on startup, with the result that the first frontend (usually DVB-S) works, but the second (usually DVB-T) fails with "Device or resource busy" error. The patch adds a new configuration option to setup.conf, called "OnDemand"; it defaults to 0 (exactly the current behaviour). If set to 1, tuners will be appropriately opened and closed when switching channels. I've tested it with the vnsi plugin and XBMC.
> I'd be happy if someone could review it and tell me if there is anything to correct and if it is possible to mainline it.
> Alberto
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Ciao Alberto,

Interesting work.  I live in the UK and have an HVR4000 for DVB-S.  Unfortunately DVB-T reception is poor where I live (hence the satellite solution - additional multilnb to point at 28.2E and 13.0E for L'Eridita) so I cannot fully test this past patching and compiling which I assume will work as you state you have tested.

Looking at the patch, there is something about inhibit epgscan.  I do not know much about vdr internals.  Would patching vdr and enabling the ondemand option stop epg from updating?  A slight negative if this is the case.


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