[vdr] iptv plugin+CAM support

Infonux infonux at gmail.com
Sat Nov 5 16:12:41 CET 2011

Thu Aug 28 09:29:57 CEST 2008
>> Support for CAM seems to be nowadays one of the top requested
>> features for the iptv plugin. I guess that encrypted streams are
>> becoming more popular in the iptv world altogether.
>> It turns out that implementing CAM support to iptv is quite tricky.
>> One option would be to implement support for external CAM module such
>> as the Hauppauge WinTV-CI USB. These devices seem to be unsupported
>> in linux so a driver would have to be written first.
>> I've also thought about using the CAM of an existing DVB card to do
>> the decryption of iptv streams, but to the best of my current
>> knowledge it is impossible to use a CAM of a certain device to
>> decrypt streams that are not received by the same device. (Someone
>> correct me if I'm mistaken).
>> Can anyone think of any other alternatives?

>Got me stumped - but I watch this thread with great interest!!

I am very interested in that, because I subscribe to a "S F R" TVBOX
service that provided a (netgem) receiver very slow and does not allow
the recording and backup to another media like a usb key...

Recently I tested the TV channels using vdr-1.7.21 with iptv-0.4.2
without "disable_ca_updates" and "disable_eitscan" patches and it works
perfectly but only with FTA channels. I saw also that updates pids
automatically from udp multicast ip address. 

FTA channel: 
France4:118:S=1|P=1|F=UDP|U=|A=65000:I:0:2040=27:2041=fra at 4,2042=eng at 4:2048:5601,1851,1852,100:4204:0:118:0

I wonder if it is possible to modify the code of "SC plugin" to enable
it with IPTV channels ? 
Because SC plugin support smartcard. 
"For most encrpytion systems this plugin supports original subscription
smartcards (e.g. from a Phoenix/Smartmouse ISO interface connected to a
serial port)"

Best regards.

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