[vdr] No output via xineliboutput with VDR 1.7.21

Pertti Kosunen pertti.kosunen at pp.nic.fi
Wed Nov 9 10:07:02 CET 2011

On 8.11.2011 22:45, Chris Rankin wrote:
> # netstat -napt |grep xine
> tcp        0      0                ESTABLISHED 5058/xine
> It all looks reasonable. I can even (sometimes) persuade elements of the OSD to appear in the xine-ui window by pressing buttons on my remote control. It's just that VDR doesn't appear to send any data.

Vdr-xineliboutput plugins X-frontend binary is called "vdr-sxfe". Xine 
needs vdr-xine plugin.

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