[vdr] vdr-sxfe can't connect

Damien Bally biribi at free.fr
Wed Nov 9 17:55:44 CET 2011

Le 09/11/2011 15:48, Wolfgang Rohdewald a écrit :

 > netstat -tulpn | grep 37890
 > probably does not show anything either - it should be something
 > like
 > tcp        0      0 * 
LISTEN      3592/vdr
 > udp        0      0* 

This is exactly what it shows. As it is a home-made busybox environment, 
there is no firewall.

 > if netstat does show this, maybe your firewall blocks calls to this
 > port even on localhost?
 > the log of vdr itself might also be interesting
In attached file.

By investigating a little more, I found something odd :

As said before, launching vdr in the background with this command :

vdr -P"xineliboutput --local=none --remote=37890 --primary"

is problematic : no vdr-sxfe connection, sdvrpsend 6419 HELP 
gets no reply either.

However, if I start vdr and frontend together in a command like "vdr 
-P"xineliboutput --local=sxfe" svdrpsend now gets a reply, and I'm 
finally able to connect a second vdr-sxfe frontend, which is not the 
expected behaviour !

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