[vdr] [PATCH] vdr-1.7.21 & DVB-T2 support

Rolf Ahrenberg rahrenbe at cc.hut.fi
Fri Nov 18 00:05:42 CET 2011


here's my attempt to provide a native DVB-T2 support for VDR.

- added initial libsi support for the required T2 delivery system descriptor
- updated bandwidth, modulation, transmission, guard settings to match DVB-T2 specs
- added a new PLP id to channel parameters and tuning mechanism
- requires DVB API 5.3
- implementation is analog to the current DVB-S/S2 extending the existing delivery system field
- shortcomings: PLP id can be found also in DVB-T channel configuration (but doesn't affect anything) and the new channels.conf values could be a bit more intuitive

It seems to work here in Finland with my limited access to local DVB-T2 
muxes, but no guarantees. :)

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