[vdr] timerconflict handling between VPS events

Tuxoholic tuxoholic at hotmail.de
Sat Oct 15 17:21:04 CEST 2011

hi list

I noticed vdr 1.7.16 does handle timer conflicts differently if one of 
two conflicting timers is a VPS event.

Take for example two timers:

timer #1 1623-1707 with timer priority 48
timer #2 1655-1736 with timer priority 52

If both timers are *NOT* VPS events vdr does follow the timer priority, 
thus the change from timer #1 to timer #2 will happen @16:55 precisely.

Now try the same with timer #2 set up as a VPS event (VPS margin two 
minutes, VPS time is correct)

As expected I do have the following line in syslog @16:53:

timer 2 (1655-1736 VPS) entered VPS margin

... but the change does not happen before 17:07 - can somebody explain 
to me why? I expected a VPS timer with higher priority would change 
channel @VPS margin and wait for the event to happen.

Can this be implemented, or are there concerns about this sort of timer 



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