[vdr] Launching vdr + xineliboutput at startup

Damien Bally biribi at free.fr
Fri Oct 28 22:59:09 CEST 2011


I'm making some kind of embedded vdr distribution based on busybox and 
minimal X11, the problem is I have no idea of how I can launch vdr and 
xineliboutput at startup.

For now, I'm doing manually :
# xinit /usr/bin/rxvt
then type : # vdr -Pxineliboutput

I tried to type directly : # xinit /usr/local/bin/vdr -Pxineliboutput
but vdr just displays its logo, with no error in /var/log/messages though.

I can still launch vdr with : # xinit /usr/bin/rxvt -e 
/usr/local/bin/vdr -Pxineliboutput but it's not very elegant.

What's the trick ?



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