[vdr] Filesystem hierachy standard patch needs review.

Mikko Tuumanen mijutu at ellipsis.fi
Sat Apr 7 08:42:52 CEST 2012

>In real life we all "spread our things all over the house" to keep
>them in order.

Exactly. And the point of spreading files all over the directory
tree (not filesystem) is to be able to easily:

- split the tree into several filesystems that have different properties
   such as size, speed, availability when the network is up, etc.
- make part of the tree read only (to protect it from some problems)
- make part of the tree shared between computers
   - and some parts shared between computers of different cpu architectures

For example it should be possible to make /usr read only and
share /usr/share between different cpu architectures.

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