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Alex Alex unfair.2 at mail.ru
Fri Apr 13 00:29:04 CEST 2012

i forgot,

i add stopdecypting

eSetChannelResult cDevice:etChannel(const cChannel *Channel, bool LiveView)

and then it looks like funktionally, but i cant record on one channel and look a other.

like prosieben recording and rtl2 looking it dosend work with this chaneges

but i can switch without problems

Fri, 13 Apr 2012 02:24:37 +0400 от Alex Alex <unfair.2 at mail.ru>:
> Hello,
> i use VDR on a atevio 7500 it works realy fine.
> But i have a Problem with DVB-C (Unitmedia Alphacrypt um02)
> Actually i'm using vdr-1.7.27 with this plugin.
> http://gitorious.org/open-duckbox-project-sh4/tdt/trees/master/tdt/cvs/apps/vdr/vdr-1.7.22/PLUGINS/src/dvbufs9xx
> With normal channel switching it works fine. if i use private channels from unitymedia, hangs the after switching.
> if i go from sat1 to zdf and put the cam out then i got this massage.
> vdr: [972] ERROR: can't write to CI adapter on device 0: Invalid argument
> vdr: [972] CAM 1: no module present
> I have a feeling, if i switch then the cam modul dont stop. 
> i comment out
>  /* if (CamSlot() && !ChannelCamRelations.CamDecrypt(Channel->GetChannelID(), CamSlot()->SlotNumber()))
>  StartTransferMode |= LiveView && IsPrimaryDevice() && Channel->Ca() >= CA_ENCRYPTED_MIN; */ 
> becouse if vdr start on a decrypting channel then i have a lock. if i comment out i have to switch one time to get a lock.
> can some help me please
> p.s. sorry for my englisch ;)
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