[vdr] HDMI-CEC power consumption

Pim Zandbergen pim at zandbergen.org
Fri Apr 20 00:42:10 CEST 2012

On 04/19/2012 11:39 PM, Lucian Muresan wrote:
> BTW, since power consumption and heat seems to concern you, just curious
> if you have measured or happen to know how much power your AV receiver
> and TV consumes when in standby since you set them up on HDMI-CEC.
> AFAIK, most AV receivers suck more than 30-40W just because the HDMI
> electronics has to be powered all times in order to have CEC working...
> Regards,
> Lucian

Good point. The IR receivers on the AV receiver and TV are also always on.
Does HDMI-CEC in standby cause so much more power consumption?


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