[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] ExtRecMenu v1.2.2

Andreas Mair amair.sob at googlemail.com
Sun Apr 29 13:13:15 CEST 2012


ExtRecMenu version 1.2.2 has been released. You can get it from

Have fun!

*** Changes from v1.2.1 to v1.2.2 ***
- [amair] Updated Italian translation (Submitted by Gringo) (Closes #673).
- [amair] Don't show recordings menu if replay is stopped using kStop
(Closes #934).
- [amair] Accept kPlay to start replay in recordings menu (Closes #936).
- [amair] Don't use deprecated member access (introduced in VDR 1.7.21).
- [amair] Changed UniqID() (Fixes #728).
- [amair] Fix prio/lifetime editing for TS recordings for VDR 1.7.18+.
- [amair] "Call plugin after playback" option now is used also if a
recording has been watch to its end.

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