[vdr] vdr-sxfe OSD transparency

Scott Waye scott at waye.co.uk
Sun Aug 12 22:12:44 CEST 2012


Upgraded a bunch of stuff (vdr -> 1.7.28, xinelib -> latest from hg) and 
I've lost my transparent OSD (ST:TNG)  when using vdr-sxfe.  What is it 
that controls the transparency of the OSD?  Does vdr overlay the OSD 
onto  the video, or is it sent as a separate layer somehow to the output 
device and the output device decides how to merge?  I would like to know 
if I need to concentrate on vdr config or xine config.

vdr command:

vdr -v /data/video -c /var/lib/vdr --lib=/usr/lib/vdr/plugins -r 
/usr/lib/vdr/vdr-recordingaction -s /usr/lib/vdr/vdr-shutdown-message -E 
/var/cache/vdr/epg.data -u vdr -g /tmp --port 2001 --lirc -P 
\"streamdev-server -r /usr/bin/externremux.sh\" -P \"xineliboutput 
--local=none --primary\" -P vnsiserver --vfat -w 60"


/usr/bin/vdr-sxfe xvdr+tcp:// --video=xv 
--post=tvtime:method=Greedy2Frame,enabled=1 --fullscreen --syslog 
--verbose --reconnect



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