[vdr] xineliboutput reports "no signal" when started on a paused playback

Marc vdr at ekass.net
Sun Dec 9 09:41:59 CET 2012

On 09/12/2012 05:19, cedric.dewijs at telfort.nl wrote:
> Hi All,
> When I play a recording and pause it, then i see the screen is standing still.
> Then I press escape to exit vdr-sxfe. Then I start vdr-sxfe again. Now i
> see the "no signal" screen. I expected to see the screen standing still at
> the position I paused it.
I think it's the normal behavior. When xineliboutput is started, it 
doesn't have any data and if vdr doesn't send any because the stream is 
paused, xineliboutput has nothing else to display than the no signal screen.


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