[vdr] Virtual VDR directories for surround and HD recordings.

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at rohdewald.de
Sun Dec 9 20:10:04 CET 2012

On Sunday 09 December 2012 19:21:45 Carsten Koch wrote:
> I have been thinking for a while about virtual VDR directories
> holding symbolic links to recordings that are stored elsewhere
> using different sort criteria.

did you consider extending vdrnfofs to do this? 

Add mount options which specify sort order

if you do not want the rest of the vdrnfofs functionality
(mapping recordings to *.nfo and *.mpg), you could either
add another option to vdrnfofs suppressing this or fork
a new project

I personally would rather avoid yet more symbolic links,
with vdrnfofs you could have a folder like "keep_this"
and put all your archives in there.

BTW after cutting I always rename my recordings to something
more readable, and I always remove the % from the name.


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