[vdr] Betr: Re: Betr: Re: xineliboutput reports "no signal" when started on a paused playback

cedric.dewijs at telfort.nl cedric.dewijs at telfort.nl
Sun Dec 9 22:25:17 CET 2012

>Am 09.12.2012 10:14, schrieb cedric.dewijs at telfort.nl:
>> I agree this behavior is normal and technically correct. I think its a
>> confusing, because when I see no signal, i think there's something wrong
>> with the receiving hardware, like crashed DVB-t receivers, loose antenna
>> and so on.
>> Xineliboutput is aware the stream is paused. Therefore I can think of
>> 1)Display a screen that says "Paused" instead of "No signal"
>And how shall xineliboutput notice the difference?
>> 2)Unpause, and then re-pause the stream, just long enough to let VDR send
>> an image.
>Xineliboutput didn't pause the stream, so it is not the job of 
>xineliboutput to "unpause" the stream.

My appologies, instead of xineliboutput I meant vdr-sxfe. i should have re-read
my e-mail before I hit the send button.
vdr-sxfe does know the difference between paused and no signal, in the console
I see a lot of messages like this:
[4499] [input_vdr] vdr_adjust_realtime_speed: assertion failed: this->is_paused
is true !

In my example the pause command is given by vdr-sxfe, but I agree it could
have come from other sources (like the vdr-live plugin)

Best regards,


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