[vdr] Reserve device for Live-Tv

Marc vdr at ekass.net
Wed Dec 19 11:06:08 CET 2012

You should try the Primary DVB interface parameter. From the wiki :
Defines the primary DVB interface (i.e. the one that will display the 
menus and will react on input through the remote control). Valid values 
range from '1' to the number of installed DVB cards.* If more than one 
DVB card is installed and a recording is to be started, the program will 
try to use a free DVB card that is different from the primary DVB 
interface, so that the viewer will be disturbed as little as possible. *


On 19/12/2012 09:54, Ingo Prochaska wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to have one dvb-device dedicated for live tv. Or in other 
> words: I want vdr to record on all-dvb-devices - 1, so that one device 
> is still available for viewing via the output-front-end or streamdev. 
> Perhaps its possible to configure vdr to behave like this - but I have 
> no clue how to accomblish this...
> Regards, Ingo
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