[vdr] Reserve device for Live-Tv

EikeSauer at t-online.de EikeSauer at t-online.de
Wed Dec 19 11:22:41 CET 2012


> Why would you want that?
> It would deprive you of possible recording opportunities!

Some time ago, my girlfriend wondered why our box was switching to
another programme and she couldn't switch back. A second recording 
had been started and both tuners where occupied.

I don't know how VDR handles this situation, but I liked what my old
box, Gigaset M740AV, did: It asked the user for advice (not start the 
recording, stop one of the running recordings or switch live channel), 
and if he didn't react (so obviously no-one cared to watch live TV), 
it switched so it could do the recording.


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