[vdr] Reserve device for Live-Tv

Ingo Prochaska nvertigo at gmx.de
Wed Dec 19 11:44:41 CET 2012

Am 19.12.2012 11:37, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
> If you program that many timers, you obviously want them to be recorded.
> So you should let VDR make the most use of its available resources.
> Otherwise just don't set that many timers ;-)
...only true, thats all single never rebroadcasted timers.

> "stop one of the running recordings" - yea right! Which one?
> Typical dialog:
> He:  "I wonder why that damned VDR recorded only half of the game last 
> night?!
>       Honey, did you mess with it?"
> She: "Well, I wanted to watch my soap opera and that thing asked me which
>       recording it should interrupt. The choices were 'My other soap 
> opera'
>       and 'Some game'. Since I didn't care about the 'game', I chose 
> that one."
> He:  "!@@&%?#^@@@!!&%!!!"
> You just can't win them all... ;-)
Yes, you can... ;) Because secound soapopera is rescheduled later that 
night, you could have planed your timers mor socialcompatible and 
therefore you have made more out of your vdr-resources...

Regards, Ingo

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