[vdr] Reserve device for Live-Tv

Brian-Imap Brian_Dorling at t-online.de
Wed Dec 19 15:11:25 CET 2012

On 19.12.2012 11:10, Gerald Dachs wrote:
> Am 19.12.2012 10:30, schrieb Brian_Dorling at t-online.de:
>> Hi,
>> might be simple. From ct. If you are using DVB-S, install a FF DVB-C
>> card. That is the primary device.
>> But it cannot record, so recordings are done on all other DVB-S devices.
> And how can he use this DVB-C-Device then for Live-TV? He can only view
> the signal from one of the DVB-S-Devices that are locked to the
> transponder they are recording. Additionally for streamdev it is totally
> useless.
> Gerald
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I haven't tested this yet. But this solution was the one favoured by CT 
to solve the problem of the FF cards not having enough bandwidth to 
handle live viewing and recording at the same time.

The DVB-C FF card will never record in a DVB-S system. I assumed that 
you could view live TV via transfer mode from a DVB-S card.

I have a DVB-C FF card laid around here. Guess I need to try it.

I've never been in the situation that there was no DVB device
left for live TV. But I do regularly miss bits of recordings, especially 
when they overlap.


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