[vdr] [DISCUSSION REQUEST] reintroduce a common make configuration file in VDR-1.7.35

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Tue Dec 25 21:07:00 CET 2012

On 25.12.2012 20:47, Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> Hi,
> as mentioned in the VDR-1.7.34 announcement, Make.config is now gone for plugins.
> Make.config gave me the opportunity to control features or behavior of plugins and VDR at a central location without having the need to adjust each plugin's Makefile. For example, while developing vdr-xine, I could keep vdr-xine's Makefile in a distributable state and still control to enable some
> features I'd like to use in my local configuration. And when upgrading some other plugins at bugfix level (i. e. there are usually no new features and hence the config variables can stay the same), there was no need to adjust the Makefile due to the config entries in Make.config.
> Here is an excerpt of my Make.config for an example of the above mentioned configuration settings:
>> #xine
>> #burn
>> DVDDEV=/dev/hdd
>> ISODIR=/video
>> #vdr
>> BIDI=1
>> VFAT=1
>> LIRC_PUSHFREQ=64 # 1/s
>> #muggle
> As you can see, there is nothing like changing compiler or linker settings -- for that stuff, I really appreciate the way it is done now.
> In a private discussion with kls, he asked me to talk to other plugin developers too (so here we are) about that issue, so that any solution in that regard will be of broad agreement by all developers.
> To conclude:
> 1.) there is a need for a common make configuration file for both VDR and plugins.

No, only for *plugins*!
VDR itself will have nothing to do with this file!

> 2.) the file should be included in VDR's Makefile after including Make.config (maybe that idea should be dropped in favor of 5.a) as any VDR related option can be put into Make.config anyway).

See 1.).

> 3.) the file should be included into plugin Makefiles after having set PLUGIN and VERSION to be able to have some plugin-/version-dependent configuration.


> 4.) the file is optional -- maybe a template file like Make.config.template could indicate that there is something available for tuning.
> 5.) how do we name the file?
> 5.a) plugins.conf (doesn't fit perfectly for 2., to be a common file for VDR too)

No need, see 1.).

> 5.b) Make.common
> 5.c) local.conf
> 5.d) Make.config.local
> 6.) where do we put the file?
> 6.a) kls suggested /etc/vdr at a random shot
> 6.b) I would like to put it next to Make.config
> 6.c) use pkg-config to determine path (defaults to VDRDIR)

Can't we just agree on a fixed place for this file?
Does it really have to be somewhere else on every system?

I suggest to put the lines

PLGCFG ?= /etc/vdr/plugins.conf
-include $(PLGCFG)

into each plugin's Makefile and that's it.


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