[vdr] [DISCUSSION REQUEST] reintroduce a common make configuration file in VDR-1.7.35

fnu vdr at auktion.hostingkunde.de
Thu Dec 27 23:40:02 CET 2012

> Keep in mind, all these changes are occurring in the _developer_ version
of VDR, not stable.

Oh damn, I did not even realize this ... ^^

Nobody really want to use VDR 1.6.0 anymore these days, in Europe we would
not be able to watch HDTV. Facing this fact VDR 1.7.3+ is more than just a
developer playground.

All plugins for VDR 1.6.0 are already saddled, for 1.7.x they need keep up
with VDR's development, so that is not a question of choosing the wrong
version. It can't be the right way that there is a VDR developer version,
which is just usable from vanilla source w/o any addon and hardly in any
other environment. How should anybody test it for real life, assuming that
the next version does again deny all work again ... ?

I don't deny changes, quite the contrary, Klaus does now it, I appreciate
them. But the way of the last changes, in best manner of Louis XIV, ignoring
all other needs around can't be the right way.

Derek tell me, do you compile your Linux also from scratch/source? I would
assume you don't do this and rather using something like Fedora, RedHat,
SuSE, Debian, Gentoo etc. using comfortably the offered packages ot their
repositories, even the ones from unstable sources. If I talk about distro, I
do talk rather about these package offerings.

I did compile my VDR from source for many years since the year 2000/2001,
but I appreciate to have it as Debian package or similar later days. I would
also not compile my libreoffice from source, why, it's already there. And I
like to offer up to date Ubuntu packages for interessted users.

VDR is indeed a success and my alltime HTPC favorite, thanks for it Klaus.
But that is not from the users compiling from source. I do not talk about
some dozens of US users compiling VDR themselfs from source. VDR start to
get a huge distribution in Germany and later Europe from pre-packaged ISOs,
like vdr4you, linvdr and especially c't-vdr (thanks Tobi and team). These
days easyvdr, gen2vdr, MLD and yaVDR do provide OOTB VDRs for thousands of
installations in Germany, Europe, maybe worldwide.

Does anybody think these users would be interssted in VDR 1.6.0 nowadays?
No, they are more than happy with these VDR 1.7.x based installations,
modern and capable for HDTV and they do tell this their neighbours using any
crappy satellite receiver with a lot of problems ... ;-)

Linux wouldn't have been that succesfull, if Linus Torvalds would not had an
ear to the needs of others, even business needs ...

Kind regards

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