[vdr] [DISCUSSION REQUEST] reintroduce a common make configuration file in VDR-1.7.35

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 02:52:21 CET 2012

On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 5:29 PM, fnu <vdr at auktion.hostingkunde.de> wrote:
> I'm not wrong, the users compiling VDR from scratch are far in minority.
> Again I'm not just talking about ready to run ISO images.

You make this claim but the opposite is observed on mailing lists,
forums, and irc. Since you're so convinced, maybe you can share some
actual evidence that backs it up since taking your word for it isn't
proof of anything. Or maybe your sentence was incomplete.. Did you
mean to say, "I'm not wrong, the users compiling VDR from scratch are
far in minority... on the yavdr forum"?

> There are plenty of silent users working the packages out of Linux' distros
> repositories, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Fedrora etc. Many of them run VDR
> underneath any other HTPC solution. These users don't argue on mailing lists
> nor on the different forum, so nobody can hear them.

I agree that there is a huge number of silent users. I know many
myself, most of which compile VDR -- the opposite of what you're
claiming. Does that mean anything? Not really... Only that there are
obviously many VDR users with differing VDR preferences. The
difference between my view and yours is that you seem to think barely
anyone outside of your own viewpoint exists..

> On top of these amount, there are a lot of silent users running ISO based
> VDRs. I assume there is still a good hundred linvdr installations out there,
> running their good old FF cards.

I wouldn't assume that. I can't even name a single person who uses
linvdr but at least I don't deny that they might exist.

> But that is not the topic here, it's more that the few maintainers of these
> repositories, what ever kind, are ignored in their needs to provide usable
> packages to these quite huge number of users. A few DIY users are more equal
> then even fewer distro and packaging maintainers ...

I'm not sure why you keep pretending there's hardly even a small
handful of "DIY" users when there's plenty of evidence that says
otherwise. I guess you think if you say it enough, people will be
hypnotized into believing it. It may be hard for you to accept but
reality is that VDR has a successful life way past yavdr and `apt-get
install vdr`.

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