[vdr] [DISCUSSION REQUEST] reintroduce a common make configuration file in VDR-1.7.35

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Fri Dec 28 09:28:51 CET 2012

On 28.12.2012 00:43, Helmut Auer wrote:
>> If I don't accept patches, I'm blamed for slowing down development.
>> If I do accept a patch that causes a little work to adapt to (but
>> looks promising in the long run), I'm being offended by being compared
>> to Louis XIV. I guess you just can't win 'em all...
> You're absolutely right here.
> The problem behind is that there are about 250 working plugins for VDR and about 200 of these are only maintained by the distributors.

Well, if a plugin is no longer actively maintained, it's probably
time to drop it. You know what they say about dead horses ;-).

> So its a lot of work for all distributors to patch these plugins to get those running again.
> (And I would prefer for my distri to patch VDR instead of fixing these plugin Makefiles)
> But you don't have to care about this, the distributors are using many patches :)

If you put all your plugins into PLUGINS/src under the VDR source directory (with
the old Make.global still in place), change into PLUGINS/src and do

   for i in *; do make -C $i all; done

I would guess that they build regardless whether they use an old or new
Makefile. Maybe you should give it a try.


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