[vdr] [DISCUSSION REQUEST] reintroduce a common make configuration file in VDR-1.7.35

fnu vdr at auktion.hostingkunde.de
Sat Dec 29 18:39:05 CET 2012

> von  Klaus Schmidinger <Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de>
> From what I have seen in this thread lately, I don't think the outcry
would have been any less then...

You're maybe right, but I'm not sure.

Because now, everybody does know, these changes will happen soon, no Plugin
for V2.1 w/o rework.

But V2.1 is near future, so time for rework, V1.7.xx is present, right now,
looking for continuity.

Kick a sibling of 1.7.33 out as V2 or maybe an in between stable release
called V1.8 and go ahead with these important changes in V1.9 ... just a
thought ...

Kind regards

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