[vdr] VDR tuning

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Mon Jun 11 09:04:44 CEST 2012

On 11.06.2012 00:48, Marx wrote:
> W dniu 2012-06-10 11:18, Klaus Schmidinger pisze:
>> The last one in your list has a CA-ID of 0, which means FTA. HOwever,
>> this channel is also encrypted, just like the other two.
>> Here's the channels.conf entry I get for that channel:
>> Polsat;Cyfrowy Polsat
>> S.A.:11158:VC56M2S0:S13.0E:27500:257=2:258=pol at 4:264:1861,1803,100,1813,B01,500:13101:113:13200:0
> and it works ok :)
> Somthing went wrong during scanning, because my definition was freshly scanned.
> Now there is question: how should I define my channels?

Well, for starters you could set "Setup/DVB/Update channels" to "add new transponders"
in VDR's Setup menu. That should update your channels.conf as far as possible.


>  Some time ago there was website with channels.conf for many positions but now it doesn't work. I did search now and found http://channelpedia.yavdr.com/gen/DVB-S/S13E/ which seems very interesting.
> Some people suggest that it's better to scan channels ourselves.
> I've tried scanning based of transponders list included in dvb-utils package, but it doesn't find all channels. I had to manually add some frequencies. Everyone directs to kingofsat for transponders parameters, but there is no downloadable form fitting "scan" command. Do you know such a fresh list?
>>> and here is user.log:
>>> Jun 10 06:16:47 wuwek vdr: [11555] ERROR: no OSD provider available -
>>> using dummy OSD!
>>> Jun 10 06:16:48 wuwek vdr: [11562] DVBAPI: 0.0: status 'ready'
>>> ...
>>> Jun 10 06:16:48 wuwek vdr: [11562] DVBAPI: CaInfo: 0.0 sending CA info
>> Where do these DVBAPI log messages come from?
> it's from the start of VDR, if you don't now this command, it's probably from one of plugins. I use:
> wuwek:~# service vdr start
> Starting Linux Video Disk Recorder: vdr
> Searching for plugins (VDR 1.7.27/1.7.27) (cache miss): streamdev-server epgsearch conflictcheckonly dvbapi quickepgsearch epgsearchonly epgfixer.
> Seems it's from dvbapi which I use with local oscam to use card with VDR.
> https://github.com/manio/vdr-plugin-dvbapi
> Marx

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