[vdr] Please share your systemd (Upstart) service file

Manuel Reimer manuel.reimer at gmx.de
Wed Jun 27 18:32:15 CEST 2012

Ludwig Nussel wrote:
> Yes. Not only for better systemd integration but in general it would be
> better if vdr could work without requiring any external scripting or
> configuration.

You need some external script to call VDR as somewhere it is required to 
configure plugins and plugin parameters and many more stuff, VDR gets via 
command line options.

Every distribution handles this thing a bit different. For example, I prefer to 
use "runvdr-extreme" and configure my stuff in the "runvdr.conf" file.

BTW: "systemd" is one of many init systems. I don't know why this system is that 
special, that it deserves upstream integration. Especially as this would just 
reflect the defaults of *one* distribution. Another distribution most probably 
has other ways to configure plugins and settings.



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