[vdr] Local frontend - using XBMC strm vs vdr-sxfe

Steffen Barszus steffenbpunkt at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 10 07:04:56 CET 2012

On Fri, 9 Mar 2012 09:59:51 +0000
Dominic Evans <oldmanuk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Running vdr-sxfe as a local frontend using a pipe _should_ be as fast
> (if not faster) than using XBMC over an http://localhost streamdev
> connection. However, I seem to find the opposite to be the case.
> vdr-sxfe still struggles with HD content, has pops and clicks in the
> audio, crashes out every now again and generally has inferior
> playback.

My experience is that xine frontend runs usually more stable, then
vdr-sxfe. If you run sxfe without HUD enabled, video is pretty ok, but
gets jerky if you have OSD open. With hood enabled you get this skippy
behaviour described in some other answer.

> On my main frontend I have VDR running full time in the background
> with no local frontend running. Then I have a bare-bones X11
> configured with a simple .xinitrc that flips between running vdr-sxfe
> and xbmc (as I prefer it for watching DVDs etc.). For both frontends I
> am using VDPAU.
> I have to use vdr-sxfe to interact with the menus, auto skip adverts
> in recordings, do cutting, etc. But I'm increasingly finding myself
> using XBMC and just a directory full of .strm files that point at
> streamdev TS links, when I want to watch a live HD broadcast.

Interesting solution.

> Does anyone have vdr-sxfe running flawlessly as a local frontend for
> HD content?

I used to use xine as local frontend as its more stable. 
> I just wish I could have the full VDR OSD, but within XBMC :)

Most likely will never happen. 

To answer some points raised in other answers:
- default deinterlacing with yavdr is temporal_spatial for SD content
  and bob for HD content
- testing HD deinterlacing settings with 720p stations is pointless as
  p means progressive aka not interlaced
- you can set the deinterlacing settings in the webfrontend (for all
  frontends, not 100% sure about XBMC)
- the xbmc version of yavdr 0.4 isn't optimal anymore, we just did not
  get around to provide some updated version, current eden with pvr
  runs a lot more stable, but has other issues (which we did not came
  around yet to trace them)
- there is a new kid on the block called softhddevice, which is local
  frontend only and based directly on ffmpeg/libav with no libxine
  involved. Its only a littlebit older then 2 months, those maybe not
  ready for primetime - but in my opinion providing a better experience
  then the old xine frontends already. For that oneiric or precise as
  base is recommended - but this is nothing we can rollout yet. local
  frontend only is not that much of a backdraw, if you take into
  account that you can use streamdev with vtp streaming and a local vdr
  on the client

Hope that provides some insight. 

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