[vdr] Betr: Re: my PC wakes up one hour late

fnu vdr at auktion.hostingkunde.de
Fri Nov 2 20:59:40 CET 2012


yes of course, you do use ntp, the clock runs correctly, good.

But that wasn't the issue I did ask for. Using "acpiwakeup", does need to 
set the hardware clock to UTC timezone.

So, if you don't live in Greenwich next to London or within this timezone at 
all, there should most probably be a difference between the hardware clock 
of your VDR and it's system time.

If your hw clock doesn't run at UTC time, you may see wakeup shifts like you 
did describe it. Some hours before or ahead, where ever you're living.

You can check RTC's time with the command "sudo hwclock" and check if it 
does run on UTC time, comparing to your systems time, according to 


PS.: IIRC it is possible to configure "acpiwakeup" not to need RTC in UTC, 
pls. check documentation for that ... 

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