[vdr] polarization character case in channels.conf

Timothy D. Lenz tlenz at vorgon.com
Wed Nov 7 20:43:40 CET 2012

I have used upper and lower case to denote for different sources in the 
past in diseqc.conf and it worked. Case needs to, or needed to in the 
past, match.

On 11/7/2012 9:12 AM, Mike Hay wrote:
>> Well, there is a toupper() in cDvbTransponderParameters::Parse(), so
>> I would expect that all characters can be given in either upper- or
>> lowercase.
>> Are you sure the case was the problem?
>> Klaus
> I'm pretty sure it is the case as I have tested the following two strings with no other changes and get different results.
> ITV1 London;BSkyB:10758:VC56M2O0S0:S28.2E:22000:3328=2:3329=eng at 4,3330=NAR at 4:2326;2327=eng:0:10060:2:2044:0 # This works
> ITV1 London;BSkyB:10758:vC56M2O0S0:S28.2E:22000:3328=2:3329=eng at 4,3330=NAR at 4:2326;2327=eng:0:10060:2:2044:0 # This doesn't
> Mike
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