[vdr] Digital Devices (Linux 4 Media) 4 port (8 tuner) octopus/Duoflex experiences

Oliver Schinagl oliver+list at schinagl.nl
Tue Nov 27 09:30:45 CET 2012

On 27-11-12 07:44, Halim Sahin wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 09:20:30PM +0100, Lars Hanisch wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Am 26.11.2012 20:10, schrieb Halim Sahin:
>>> On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 06:20:56PM +0100, Lars Hanisch wrote:
>>>>   My DVB-C/T card is working here for months with no problems. Second
>>>>   dual tuner is ordered... :)
>>> What about cam support in vdr for this card???
>>   It's not implemented yet. You can however redirect the input of one
>>   tuner through the ci, so you can decrypt one
>> transponder.
> Well this is not good news for users in germany because without a
> working cam, you can't watch much channels with dvb-c.
> Don't know but I can't understand, why cam
> handling must be done in userspace for these new cards.c
And oscam doesn't support this? I feel softcam support to be much easier 
then a hardcam these days. As for driver support, you can of course ask 
Digital Devices if they can implement said feature of course :)

Having not found any user on DVB-S(2) and only one DVB-CT user on this 
list so far, I do feel there aren't many using these cards yet, hence 
the lack of support.
> ciao
> Halim
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