[vdr] Problem with remote keys learning and screensaver: vdr 1.7.31 + softhddevice

Vangelis Nonas vnonas at otenet.gr
Sun Oct 14 16:10:34 CEST 2012

Hello All,

I tried yesterday vdr 1.7.31 together with latest softhddevice from git. I noticed 2 problems:
- During remote learning there were displayed no messages (e.g. "remote key learning", "press any key", "press key for up" etc) as well as system load and some other info shown at vdr start up. I had to try starting vdr several times and press blindly the keys on the remote in order to see some messages (e.g. "press key for up" etc). Even for these messages it would not clean the "message area" when displaying new messages for key learning. It would display the new message on top of the old one. When learning was finished everything seemed to work correctly. All menus displayed correctly. I don't know if this is a vdr or a softhddevice bug.
- It would not de-activate the default screen saver, so I had to disable it permanently. This probably a softhddevice issue.
- I am using ubuntu 12.04 with unity (default installation, no ppas). I compiled vdr and softhddevice from source. Kernel is  3.2.0-31-generic i686 version with latest media_build drivers. My dvb device is ITE 9135(9005) Generic (usb DVB-T). The commercial name for it is "TECHNAXX DVB-T STICK S4".

With the exception of these two problems the rest of the user experience was quite pleasant. Channel switching was very fast and image quality was pretty good. VDPAU was recognized from softhddevice and load on my dual core Athlon64 was small (5%-10% for full hd programs).


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