[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-rotorng-0.3

Lars Hanisch dvb at flensrocker.de
Thu Oct 25 18:06:37 CEST 2012


Am 25.10.2012 17:23, schrieb Morfsta:
> The third version of my plugin rotorng has been released here: -
> http://projects.vdr-developer.org/projects/plg-rotor-ng/files
> This plugin allows you to steer a disecq 1.1 rotor, find satellites
> with a signal meter and to store them at given positions. It also has
> a rudimentary channel scanner which works with both DVB-S and S2. Much
> of this code has been merged together from the existing actuator and
> rotor plugins, so thanks to the developers of those for their work.
> Please see the README file, there are a number of functions within the
> user interface that aren't fully implemented or working but the main
> functions are there.
> Changes since previous version: -
> 2012-10-11: Version 0.2
> - updated sat card store value in config, always resetting
> - fixed issue with change implemented in 1.7.23 (thanks to Ihanisch)
 That should be an l (small L) or you can use my full name: Lars Hanisch
 Thanks for the good cooperation. I hope we'll succeed in getting it working with dynamite, too.
 I will dig into the new version of you plugin at the weekend.


> 2012-10-21: Version 0.3
> - Added patch for vdr-1.7.27 onwards, old patch for VDR still exists also.
> - Fixed problem with cStatusMonitor::ChannelSwitch call introduced in
> VDR 1.7.26 so dish moves on channel change
> Good luck!
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