[vdr] Announcing vdrfs (vdrnfofs in C language)

Miguel CV miguelcv at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 19:55:16 CEST 2012


For those who don't know, vdrnfofs it's a program that shows you one
mpg for every vdr recording. You can with this "export" via DLNA this
mpg, transcode it,etc...It has a clean and easy to understand code.

I implemented a versión of vdrnfofs in C, for two reasons:

- To learn C (this is my first C program)
- Thinking that python was the culprit for the slow transcoding to my
Samsung TV (it wasn't XD)

I think it has a bit better performance, but nothing really important
(but i didn't benchmarked much) . Maybe we are limited by fuse speed,
but i'm sure I can make some optimizations.

As a side effect, being in C means you can put it in other devices who
don't run python. I am trying to implement it in the Siemens M740
(MIPS platform).

Link with source and instructions to build:


Disclaimer: I'm a network/IT guy, I'm sure the program has lots of
bugs. I checked it with valgrind and only leaks 20/30 bytes in the
fuse call (really don't know why). It's been running in my computer
for 5 days and didn't had any trouble.
If this is not the proper mailing list, sorry and excuse me for my english.

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